16 October 2010

Post-Budget 2011 Interview with Finance Malaysia

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Below are some questions posted to Finance Malaysia (FM), with some interesting reply:

Q    : Let's start off with the famous KL MRT project. Any comment?
FM : Well, this is definitely a good public transport reformations for KL citizen. However, please bare in mind that the extensions of two existing LRT lines still not yet started. Implementation is problem, not project.

Q    : How about the development of the Malaysian Rubber Board land in Sg. Buloh by EPF?
FM : The project costs RM10bil for 15 years. I don't know when EPF (Malaysians' retirement fund) role has changed to being a developer?

Q    : Malaysia's tallest building - 100-storey Warisan Merdeka. Is it necessary?
FM : So that Osama can either choose this or Twin-towers. Haha. Since EPF can be a developer, why not PNB? Malaysia Boleh spirit for all...

Q    : Existing income tax relief of up to RM6,000 extended to Private Pension Fund contributions. Good?
FM : Sounds good, but not viable. Because, first, those who afford private pension fund most likely already exceed the limit. Second, if we bought a simple life insurance, the premium plus with EPF contributions, already exceed the limit. Instead, government should separate life insurance premium with those contributions.

Q    : Wow... RM 3bil Karambunai eco-nature resort in Sabah.
FM : Yes. We have another "first" of the world, but, with RM 3bil we can buy the whole Sabah already.

Q    : Service tax increased from 5% to 6%. How would it affect us?
FM : Watch online TV, instead of Astro. 20% (5% to 6%) increase yet considered minimal as stated?

Q    : To develop football, a Football Academy will be build in Pahang. Why Pahang?
FM : First, can we revive our football team? Second, maybe Pahang is the home of prime minister (not football).

Q    : NO toll rate hike from PLUS expressway for next 5 years?
FM : I believe this is the only thing which directly benefiting me. Would it be better if this is permanent?

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