15 October 2010

New Fund: OSK-UOB US Focus Equity Fund

Following the US government pump priming efforts during the global financial crisis, OSK-UOB believe that we are now witnessing the US economy being stabilized and poised for economic recovery albeit at its early stage. Henceforth, they offer investors a US-focused equity fund to capitalize on the US economic recovery.

Tag-line: "It is PRIME time to up your STAKES"

This is a feeder fund that will invest principally in Schroder International Selection Fund US Small & Mid-Cap Equity (launched on 10/12/2004), which invests primarily in equity securities of smaller and medium-sized US companies. Those are the US companies which, at the time of purchase, form the bottom 40% by market capitalization of the US market.

Key Summary
Fund category           : Feeder Fund
Fund type                 : Growth
Initial offering period : 15th Oct - 4 Nov 2010
Initial investment       : Min RM 1,000
Top-up                    : Min RM 100
Sales charge            : 5.50%
Exit fee                    : 1.00% (within 6 months, thereafter none)

Source: OSK-UOB

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