22 October 2010

AirAsia vs Tiger Airways

"If Tigers were meant to fly, they would be born with wings"

What do you think?
Congratulations, AirAsia won another award - "The Best Airline Advertisement" (if there is such an award)!!!

Interestingly, both airline has many similarities.
Both are budget airline
Both are headed by Tony (AirAsia's Tony Fernandes and Tiger Airways' Tony Davis)

Below is the full-story of the battle:
Fernandes : "We're Asians, not a bunch of white guys running the airline"
Davis        : "It was a racist remark"
Fernandes : "It was a tiny carrier"
Davis        : "Tiger aims to be among the top three global airlines"
< Then, the famous advertisement popped up in Singapore newspaper >
Davis        : "It's no wonder some of our competitors are getting so rattled"

Because of the interesting advertisements from AirAsia, DiGi, Maxis, Celcom... I like reading advertisements more than before. Hopefully, after the advertisement-war, price-war will erupted soon. By then, "Everyone can Benefit"...

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