26 October 2010

Special Credit Cards for Hospital? Worth it?

Before checking into a hospital, make sure that you bring your favorite hospital linked credit card next time. Due to stiff competition in credit card industry, special cards which linked to hospital services became a "think out of the box" thing here. Below highlights some of the features for such credit card:
  • 2% cash rebate on all expenses at the hospitals
  • 20% savings on all hospitals' suites
  • 10% savings on all hospitals' charges during admission (excluding doctors' fees)
Fortunately, I had never stay in a hospital before. And due to this, I never experienced the service provided by a particular hospital.

Do we really need such a card?

For me, I will use credit cards to shop, if credit cards can gave me discount /  rebate. Going for shopping can be anytime anywhere as long as I like it. However, going to hospital was not a leisure event, which I do not like to do, and I believe you feel the same. Instead, we should buy a Medical Card for hospitalization.

I think this kind of credit card is meant for those who always visiting hospital, or those old forks. Besides getting discount, cardholders are entitle to fast-admission and earn points for various usage. Good?

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