31 October 2010

4 GREEN Ideas for Malaysia

Last weekend, I went up to Genting for relaxing and escape from the warm weather in KL. Wondering how could Malaysians live in such condition in the next decades, if the temperature going up consistently?
Amazingly, when I turn-on the television, a GREEN programme was on-screen. Instead of sleeping, I watched the whole documentary about some great ideas or innovations being researched by scientists in US. The programme highlighting 4 green ideas:

1. Green Insulator
The insulator is made up with a special liquid gel, which could prevent heat transfer up to 350 degree Celsius. It can be applied in the glass (transparent) of any building, to bring the sun light in, without heating the interior. We can expect 20% energy saving from air-conditioner and lightnings.

2. Green Roof
We heard of the this idea long time ago, where people planting on the roof.
- it could absorb heat from entering the building.
- it could release fresher air back to environment just like jungle did.
- it is definitely better aura than concrete jungle.

In view of the decreasing food supply nowadays, planting vegetables or fruits above the roofs can be a good business.

3. Fiber Optic
I like this kind of technology which could bring the free flowing sun light from outside to inside of the building.

Fiber optic is flexible enough to bend and extend as long as you like. It is natural, no sound, and research show that student study under such light could let them concentrate more on studies.

Fantastic !!!

4. Nanotechnology Solar Panel
As we know, solar panel could turn sun light to generate electricity. But, it is heavy, thick and space consuming. With nanotechnology, scientists converted it into much much smaller solar panel which can be handle easily , and it can cat onto any surface of a building, making the whole building like a power plant. The only shortfall is this kind of green technology is the most expensive.

Malaysia could invite experts from other countries to design and construct using such green technology.

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