28 September 2010

Bakun Dam - Malaysia or Sarawak?

- Putrajaya agrees to sell the multi-billion RM Bakun Hydroelectric Dam
- No power transmission to peninsular as a result which could span 670km and costing RM9bn
- Cabinet has agreed on the Sarawak's government's proposal

Multi-billion question: At what price?
- Official overall cost of project is RM7.3bn (not yet factor in cost overruns, compensation for delays & interest)
- Speculate price tag RM8bn, but, Sarawak was expecting a mere RM6bn only

Why such a BUYing impulse?
Sarawak said the state needs the electricity generated to power up its SCORE corridor, which still do not has concrete investment yet. However, Kuching deny there will NO power glut by stressing the demand is there to meet soon.

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