06 June 2011

What is the job of a student?

As I am writing this post, I know there must be many other student out there doing their part for the school. What I mean here is, these students are not studying or learning or enjoying their school life. Instead, they are told to "do sales" for their beloved school. Do you know that students are running across the town? Do you know that they are sweating under the sun? Do you know that they are wetting under the rain?

Doing Sales for the school?

Indeed, this is not a new phenomena in Malaysia, at least for the past 20 years. It had been practiced this way since my good old student days. Doing sales here meaning a student is going all out to persuade or convince public to donate money for their school. Is it doing sales? By promoting projects of a school, renovations, new hall, new lab, new school field, students are passionate enough to contribute their energy and time for the benefits of their school. If this is not sales, then what?

But, is this the right thing to do?
Please do not forget, the main objective we enroll into school is to study and learn. Although such actions by students is good in nature, schools should not encourage it. If the student is a volunteer, this is nothing wrong. What if it is not? He might feel that he is not loyal to the school, and feel he is being forced to do so. In the end, this particular student will hate the school and his studies.

Students are studying in library
Whose job is it actually?
Ok. Schools need money, especially private schools. But, who is going to get the funding? Finance Malaysia thinks that everyone of us should, except students. Just let student go to school performing their duties - study and learn. In contrast, headmaster and parents association and public at large should put in their efforts to get the funds needed. I would rather see headmaster going all-out to get donations instead of students in the future. Would this proved that the headmaster is good? Of course.

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