16 June 2011

New Fund: AmASEAN Equity Fund

If Singapore and Malaysia market only is not enough to feed your appetite, then you may consider the whole ASEAN markets. ASEAN was being targeted by international investors again since the 1997 Asian financial crisis given its high growth rates and more stable economy.

AmASEAN equity fund seeks to provide capital growth over the medium-to-long term by investing 70% to 98% of the fund's NAV will be invested in a diversified portfolio of equities and equity-related securities which are Shariah Compliant, issued by companies listed in the ASEAN countries, and including securities listed in non-ASEAN countries but with their core business in the ASEAN markets.

Core business in this respect means the major business of the company, where majority of the company's revenue (at least 50%) is derived from the ASEAN countries. ASEAN member countries comprise of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Investment Criteria or Strategy:
  • Above average growth potential
  • Undervalued stocks relative to its earnings growth potential and/or its fair value
  • Combines top-down asset and sector allocation process with a bottom-up stock selection process
  • Active asset allocation strategy depending upon the equity market expectations
  • Stock selection based on improving fundamentals and growth at reasonable valuations
Source: AmMutual

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