08 June 2011

New Fund: RHB-GS US Equity Fund

Yet, another US fund is in town now. More and more new fund is focusing on the US market, given its relatively attractive valuations currently after the 2008 global financial crisis. If you want to invest in US market, you may consider this fund which is managed by the US "tai-ko" - Goldman Sachs.
The fund's objective is to seek to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investment in a collective investment scheme, which invests primarily in securities of United States of America companies. This a feeder fund, where 95% of the fund's NAV will feed into the Goldman Sachs US Equity Portfolio (Target Fund).

Information of the Target Fund
The Target Fund is a portfolio of Goldman Sachs Funds, a public limited company qualifying as an investment company organized with variable share capital, in which Goldman Sachs Asset Management International is the investment manager of the fund. The Target Fund is domiciled in Luxembourg and denominated in USD and regulated by Luxembourg Supervisory Authority.

Why is this fund different from other funds?
  1. The Best of both worlds. A portfolio that balances the best ideas of Growth and Value to provide US market exposure without style bias.
  2. A disciplined investment process. The Goldman Sach's Investment Committee constructs a US large cap portfolio thoroughly researched companies that exhibit quality characteristics and compelling valuations.
  3. A proven history. The portfolio draws on the best ideas of the US Growth and US Value Teams with proven track records going back 30 and 11 years, respectively.
Source: Prospectus
As at 31 March 2011 (Goldman Sachs Asset Management)
As at 31 March 2011 (Goldman Sachs Asset Management)

Source: RHB Investment Management

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