29 June 2011

New Fund: OSK-UOB Capital Protected Dual Opportunities Fund

While inflation fears in China is a dominant factor, signs that China's growth is holding up well despite this concern will certainly fuel further growth. Traditionally in China, a higher inflation tends to exhibit a positive correlation with Chinese companies price-earnings ratios and nominal earnings growth. Having said that, the consensus view is that the government will raise borrowing costs to contain inflation and prevent the economy from overheating.
With such growth euphoria and inflationary concern, a new fund is structured to take advantage of the current inflationary economy in China. This is a 4-year close-ended capital protected* fund which aims to provide income and capital appreciation over the medium term whilst protecting investors’ capital* on the Maturity Date.

Where is the Fund's return comes from?

The Hong Kong (HK) Option is designed to provide investors with potential annual coupon payments that are based on the performance of Chinese companies’ stocks and potential returns from its exposure to a gold investment at Maturity Date. Hence, the Fund’s name “Dual Opportunities” reflects the two opportunities available under the HK Option.

The HK Option is denominated in US Dollars and thus, the Fund’s return from the HK Option is subject to US Dollars / Ringgit Malaysia exchange rate risk. The Fund has 100% participation in the HK Option payout. The HK Option will provide the Fund with exposure to the performance of a fixed basket of 5 Chinese companies’ stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“Underlying”).

However, the performance of each of these stocks under the HK Option is capped at 8% per annum. The final Underlying which will always be comprised of 5 stocks will be determined on the Commencement Date of the Fund.

The HK Option will pay the Fund a potential annual coupon payment that is based on the performance of a basket of 5 Chinese companies’ stocks which are expected to perform during this inflationary period.

In addition to the performance of the Underlying, the HK Option is also structured to pay a gold return, if any, at the Maturity Date. The HK Option’s exposure to gold return would depend on the annual performance of the Underlying and also on the performance of gold prices between the Commencement Date and the Maturity Date.

Indicative Asset Allocation of the Fund

The Fund is suitable for investors who:
  • have a low risk tolerance;
  • seek capital protection;
  • have a positive outlook on China's growth potential;
  • have a positive outlook for gold prices;
  • have a medium term horizon and seek regular income.

Source: OSK-UOB Investment Management

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