03 June 2011

New Fund: TA Global Technology Fund

Thinking about iPhone and iPad? Queuing yet can't get the latest products from Apple? Yes. This is the type of companies that the fund is going to invest. Maybe, this fund is attractive to iPhone and iPad addicts, where their gadgets is gaining popularity while setting the new benchmark on smartphone globally. Other than that, Google is expanding globally as you may noticed that it had just open its representative office in Malaysia recently. Let's find out more about the fund.

Basically, this is a feeder fund which invests a minimum of 95% of the Fund's NAV into the Henderson Horizon Fund - Global Technology Fund ("Target Fund") and the balance in liquid assets.

"Companies in the technology sector now have much healthier balance sheets and strong free cash flow generation. Also, there is a significant pent-up demand from enterprises for technology products. Demographic shifts are taking place which are driving technology adoption" said Mr. Wong Mien, CEO of TAIM.

What would investors getting?
Investors will have the opportunity to invest into attractive global technology themes such as E-Commerce, Online Advertising, Data Growth and Connectivity in both the established and emerging markets. Companies with strong barriers to entry will benefit from strong demand trends and sustained revenue growth.

The Target Fund Manager strongly believes that the technology sector is well placed to outperform as corporate continues to recover, prompting investment in technology. There are also a number of ongoing product cycles in both the corporate and consumer segments that should support growth.

Key Selling Point:

How is the performances of the Target Fund?
Source: TA Investment Management

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  1. The Performance data on 16June 2011 for Henderson Horizon GTF at www.bloomberg.com/apps/quote?ticker=HENGLTI:LX 1-year = 12.15 3-year = 4.59 5-Year = 7.55
    Why is there such big difference?


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