15 June 2011

New Fund: Public Singapore Equity Fund

Singapore is into a new era now after opening its door to casinos, which attracted massive foreign direct investments. The small little island poised to grow further boosted by various industry, not only gaming.

"The fund enables investors to participate in the growth prospects of Singapore's resilient economy and attractive valuations. Investors can ride on the potential upside of the Singapore dollar over time," said CEO Yeoh Kim Hong.

About the fund

The fund seeks to achieve capital growth over the medium-to-long term mainly by investing in Singapore stocks, though it may invest up to 30% of its NAV in global markets. As such, the fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of blue chips, index stocks and growth stocks.

"The fund would focus on sectors with resilient growth prospects such as banking and finance, properties and real estate investment trusts, consumer, offshore and marine engineering groups, services and commodity sectors," added the CEO.

Investments that may also included:
  • Listed warrants and options to enhance its returns
  • Unlisted equities with attractive potential returns, particularly in companies that are expected to seek listing on the Singapore, domestic and global markets within a time frame of two years
  • Collective investment schemes with similar investment objectives in the Singapore, domestic and global markets
  • Domestic and foreign fixed income securities such as sovereign bonds, corporate debt and money market instruments to help generate returns

Source: Public Mutual

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  1. is it now a good timing invest this fund


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