10 June 2011

Oh my beloved PSD Graduates, where are You?

When writing this article, I am proud to say that I am a local graduate working locally and repaying my PTPTN loan monthly. Who said that graduates can't perform as best as others? Do we necessary needed to obtain hundreds of thousands of loans to study oversea? If I can survive here, why can't you?

Of course, I can't deny that some professional courses offered here are not competitive enough. That's why many professionals opt for oversea universities. By graduating oversea as a doctor or lawyer or engineer, it definitely costs you a hole in the pocket. Please bare in mind, it is not your pocket, but your parents' pocket. This is when Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship comes into the picture to fulfill Malaysia's dream to groom our talents, and your parents' dream too.

Why don't you come back?
Then, this question popped up. Yesterday, it was reported that 65% of PSD scholars did not return home. Surprised? And, most of them is doctor. Although there are thousands of reasons for them to not returning, I would like to stress one thing only here - responsibility. Yes, whatever you take is whatever you give. PSD gave you so much money, supporting your dream to be a successful Malaysians, realizing your parents' dream, is that the way you return the favors of Malaysia Government?

Practicing what you learn from the 1st day?

Even when we were young studying in Kindergarten, we taught to be a responsible person. And, you're professional now. Do you practiced what you have learn all these years? If you do not like the Malaysia's way, why you took up the PSD scholarship in the first place? Instead, you can take your parents hard earned money. Then, you can disappear yourself, and no one will bother about it.

However, if you took PSD scholarship and do not return back to service, this is considered as "investment loss" of Government. This is public money. Meaning every Malaysian can blame you. Even if you succeed in life, you're spiritually failed. Please be responsible to yourself, your family, and your country. Respond now!

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