01 February 2011

Interview with Pearly Lam

After graduation, Pearly Lam was searching for her dreams as anyone out there. Despite numerous obstacles faced coupled with indifferent views of many people, she went for her own way to start a business. "The most important thing is I truly know and understand what I want in my future. The determination to become successful will decide how far I can survive in this society", said Pearly during the interview with Finance Malaysia.

"I always believe in making things happen, and NOT waiting for things to be happened." Pearly Lam
Interview highlights:

Without any experience and knowledge of doing business, how you overcome it?
Although I don't have any experience before, the determination to start my own business leads me to cross the first step. I believe no matter how big is the dream, how long is the journey would be, we need to start the very important first step to make our dreams a reality.

For me, experience and knowledge can be gained along the way, as long as we keeps on learning through the processes. Of course, fear is always with you when you're new, especially during uncertain times. And to overcome it, self-motivation and equipping oneself with the positive thinking and mindset is my way.

Any advice for fresh graduates?
I believe that most of the fresh graduates have their own big dream and some of them are confused at what they really want in life. My advice is no matter which career path you choose, or what business you want to start with, you should have the positive mindset. What happens today would be a lesson for tomorrow.

What would be your greatest investment so far?
Until now, I don't really have any investment except my business. But, my most valuable asset was those part-timers or freelancers who had worked with me. Without them, I wouldn't reach where I am today. Thank you.

Finally, what's your say in 2011?
This year, my focus is to grow the company further while improving my personal skills in managing the business and man-power is a must. In 2011, I hope that the people around us would grow together and achieve our dreams together.

Finance Malaysia thanks Pearly for the interview, and wish her success in the journey ahead.
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