31 January 2011

No CNY Reunion Dinner for Stanley Ho?

Just one week left before the Rabbit Year CNY, local and international press are publishing the high-profile Stanley Ho's family feud. While we're busily shopping during this festive season, many people are chasing the "family drama", just like another popular Hong-Kong based production. Maybe, TVB's directors should consider converting the reality into a story-line drama/movie. I'm sure this could be a blockbuster-liked production.

Hong Kong and Macau tycoon Stanley Ho
SJM Holdings' most popular casino, Grand Lisboa
Obviously, fighting for money is very common nowadays especially for those wealthy families. To spice it up, the bigger the family was, the conflicts gets even greater.

Reportedly, Stanley Ho who has 4 branches of family and 17 children sure will intensified the degree of fighting.

Source: Wikipedia
Who is Stanley Ho?
  • Stanley Ho, also known as Ho Hung-sun, is an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Macau. 
  • Nickname "King of Gambling", he get the government-granted Macau's gambling monopoly 40 years ago.
  • Hong Kong's 13th richest person with a net worth of USD 3.1 billion in 2010.
  • Businesses includes entertainment, tourism, shipping, real estate, banking and air transport.
Stanley Ho's prized asset, SJM Holdings Limited...
  • One of the casino operators in Macau.
  • Market Capitalization : HK$ 73.63 billion
Source: SJM Holdings Limited
Source: Bloomberg
Depending on the outcome of the wealth distribution saga, Stanley Ho's CNY celebration will be well-received by the most happily inherited family. I doubt the saga will end just before CNY for Stanley to enjoy his old-age celebration with at least one of his four families.

Good luck, Stanley.

Source: Bloomberg, SJM Holdings Limited, WSJ, Wikipedia

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