12 January 2011

New Fund: OSK-UOB Asia Financials Fund

As the conduit of everyday business, the financial sector lies at the centre of any modern economy. Asia is in an exciting stage of economic development and its financial sector, which mirrors this dynamism, is set to enjoy strong growth potential.

Participate in Asia's financial sector that stands at the heart of Asia's investment story. OSK-UOB is introducing the OSK-UOB Asia Financials Fund, with tag line: "The Heart of Asia's Investment Story".

Key highlights during the new fund launching:-
  • Banks are poised to grow with strong balance sheets
  • Life insurance and consumer credit are still below the levels of more developed nations
  • Greater capital market activities are also due to benefit Asian investment banks
  • Asia, excluding Japan, is expected to register an estimated GDP of 8% in 2011
  • Asia Pacific region is also expected to surpass North America as the region with the largest high net worth individual wealth by 2013
  • This translates to for financial institutions, especially wealth management activities
This is a feeder fund that will invest principally in one of the sub-funds under the umbrella of the United Financials Multi-Strategy Funds managed by UOB Asset Management Limited, Singapore, that is the United Asia Financials Fund (UAFF).

The indicative asset allocation is as follows:
  • > 95% of NAV invest into United Asia Financials Fund
  • 2% - 5% of NAV in liquid assets, etc money market instruments and deposits
The fund is suitable for investors who:
  • wish to tap into the growth prospects of the Asian financial sector (excluding Japan)
  • are willing to accept a higher risk in their investments to obtain potentially higher returns in the long term
  • seek capital growth
Source: OSK-UOB unit trust management bhd

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