16 January 2011

Fraudulent Insurance Claims and YOU

Recently, theStar highlighting a serious issue pertaining to insurance claims - Fraud Claims. It even started with staggering paragraph "Fingers have been chopped off, medical ailments exaggerated and even death faked - all for the purpose of fraudulent insurance claims".

Among the issues:
  • RM500 mil in bogus insurance claims are detected each year
  • At least 2 insurance firms have folded as a result of high compensation claims compounded by fraud
  • Insurance firms fight back by setting up special fraud detection units

Regarding to this topic, Finance Malaysia would like to shares some views here pertaining to the effects on Malaysians as a whole. And, most importantly, the impact of insurer would definitely pass it to people insured. Why I said so?

First, you must understand how insurance companies compute their premiums charged to each clients. If the insurer is financially stronger, it may charged a lower premium for the same amount of coverage on its policies. In other words, if an insurer is facing financial problems, it may raised its premium charged, even to their existing loyal customers.

If your friend is making a fraud case, let it be?

For example, one of your friend is making fraud claims by collaborating with a particular doctor and agent to issue a false physician statement. Subsequently, your friend could received compensation from insurance company based on that statement. Of course, you can closed one eye and let it be. But, your inaction would lead to higher claim amount being paid by that insurance company for the wrong reasons. If those act was rampant everywhere, insurance companies could raised its premium imposed. So luckily, if you're insured by the same company, you could be a victim of your friend's unlawful act.

Supposedly, we should advise whoever out there to stop making fraud claims as it may abuse the whole insurance systems. Objective of getting an insurance is to transfer our risk to third party, hoping that we could financially went through unfortunate events which may happened,  NOT to gain from an insurance.

Think about this:
What is the purpose of insurance?
Protection or Investment?

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