20 February 2011

EPF declares 5.8% dividend rate for 2010

For the financial year ended 31 December 2010, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced a 5.8% dividend rate. This translates into RM21.61 billion, which is the highest dividend payout amount ever to members, an increase of 11.55% over the 2009 dividend payout of RM19.37 billion.
For the year 2009, the dividend rate is 5.65%. "The remarkable investment income achieved in 2010 was especially driven by the performance of equity investments. The improved financial and economic conditions provided the market with sufficient liquidity, allowing profit taking activities throughout the year", said EPF chairman in statement issued.

Who is the main contributor?
Buoyed by a good year for the equities market, equities were the largest contributor to the EPF's gross investment income in 2010, representing 45.45% of EPF's total gross investment income. (See Table 1)
Source: EPF website
During the year under review, EPF total investment assets also continued to register healthy growth by crossing the RM400 billion mark to stand at RM440.52 billion as at 31 December 2010.

EPF's investment strategies are broadly guided by its Strategic Asset Allocation model which was designed to fit EPF's risk and return profile and to maintain consistent returns in the long run. The year 2010 saw about 2/3 of EPF's total investment assets remaining in low risks fixed income instruments with stable streams of income.

Accordingly, members may check their EPF Account Statement for the crediting of the 2010 dividend, either via EPF kiosks, counters or i-Akaun, from 21 February 2011 onwards.
Source: EPF website

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