15 February 2011

Insurance: Importance of Nomination

Well, one of the most important objective of having an insurance policy is to ensure that our loved ones are always financially well-prepared. However, that objective will failed if we did not make the necessary nomination in our policy. By naming our loved ones as nominees, you can ensure that they will receive the monies from your policy fast and easy. This is where an insurance policy will be the most useful to them. Think about our loved ones !!!

What if I did not make a nomination?
Failure to do so means that the insurance company would not be able to make payment until a court has given your loved ones a Grant of Probate (where there is a will) or Letters of Administration (where there is no will). In other words, WAIT for months if not years.

What if I did make a nomination?

Good. If you are a non-Muslim and you have nominated your spouse, child or parent (where there is no surviving spouse or child), they are entitled to the policy monies without having to wait for the time-consuming Grant.

Moreover, a trust policy would be created for them under which these monies do not form part of your estate. As such, they are not subject to your estate's debts. This means your spouse, child or parent will receive the sum due in full.

Meanwhile, a trust policy does not apply in the case of a Muslim policyholder, in which case the nominee acts as an executor and must distribute the policy monies according to Islamic law.

You wait, or Your Loved Ones wait...
In order for a swift payout to your loved ones, please do not wait anymore. Making a nomination today, call up your insurance agent now, fill-in the nomination form. It's that simple. Or else, your loved ones would have to wait for your policy monies. Think about it !!!

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