11 February 2011

Stock Watch: Benalec Holdings Bhd (5190)

Being one of the most successful new listing this year, Benalec is consistently closing higher than its IPO price of RM1.00. Listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia, Benalec was categorized as a construction counter with more than RM1 billion market capitalization.
Company Info
  • Incorporated since 1978
  • Principally involved in the provision of marine construction services mainly in the area of land reclamation and dredging, rock revetment works, shore protection works, beach nourishment, marine piling, and construction of marine structures.
  • Providing vessel chartering on time and voyage charters as well as tow-age services to third parties.
  • Owning a full-service shipyard to carry out any ship repair, ship maintenance, shipbuilding or fabrication works.
  • Owning a large and diversified fleet of 91 vessels


Benalec strength lies in their ability to operate a 1-stop centre offering Total Service and Complete In-House expertise, ranging from marine construction, marine transportation and support services, shipyard and shipbuilding, and vessels maintenance, refurbishment and modification and steel fabrication.

In 2010, Benalec achieved another key milestone when it expanded to Singapore and subsequently obtained ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.
Currently, Benalec is bidding for marine construction projects worth RM 5.7bn in Melaka, Penang, Selangor and Johor, and expects contracts to be awarded within 1-2 years time. Being an integrated marine construction specialist, Benalec enjoys healthy profit margins due to its ability to maintain cost efficiency in its marine construction projects. The company achieved a high core net profit margin averaging at about 20.3% over the past 3 years, excluding gain on disposal of land and vessels. (RHB Research)

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