18 February 2011

Are you in the right sector?

What would be your benchmark to measure whether a sector is good or bad? Anyway, I believe most of us use "salary" as the main or only benchmark. Obviously, salary or income is one of the main factor for fresh graduates nowadays to consider whether to take the job or not.

Yesterday, I attended a forum on Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) organized by Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC). Of course, no one is more suitable to answer those questions other than the CEO of PEMANDU, which is the main backbone to the success of ETP.

Excerpt from TheStar newspaper
So, are you regretted of what you are practicing now?

The statement cannot just simply applied to every Malaysians, as that was just an average benchmark. In fact, there are many engineers who earns big-bucks out there. As long as you are determine and posses the right attitude and behavior, you could be a high income individual.

The interpretation should be:
"Along with the growing Malaysia economy, financial sector poised to outperform other sector especially when we're talking about high-income nation. When people are resourceful, they will save and invest, which ultimately benefiting the financial sector which provides services like investment, stock broking, insurance, personal wealth management..."

Also, please take note that the financial sector will not prosper, if Malaysia do not have enough professional, such as engineers, doctors, lawyers and accountants. Can our nation grows without these professionals? If a country were lacking behind, can financial sector prosper, subsequently can their employees? We should not simply jump into particular sector based on such survey.

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