01 February 2019

A New Way to Save Money in Gold ???

After a turbulent 2018, almost all equity markets (if not all) were in negative territory.

So, coming to the year 2019, how are you going to allocate your money? Equity again? Or, bond papers?

And, more and more people are talking about gold investment now...

Why Save in Gold?
  1. Gold diversifies your savings
  2. Gold does not require large capital (huh? Really?)
  3. Gold is highly liquid (if you chose the right way...)
  4. Gold can be stored securely
  5. Gold is limited in nature
  6. Gold protects you from currencies crisis

Okay. Now we knew the benefits of saving in Gold. Next, in what way can we save in Gold? Well. Instead of the traditional way of buying physical gold and store it ourselves, one can starts saving via gold savings investment account or simply by a mobile app. 

Gold Saving Investment Account?

Dominated by banks, investors who opened a gold investment account can make a transaction in the purchase/selling of gold based on the bank’s prevailing selling/buying price. The difference between the bank’s buying price and selling price is your profit or loss.

Comparisons of different gold saving account available

With the advancement of technology, we don't have to go visit the bank to open a gold saving investment account anymore. Just sit back and relax, simply take out your smartphone and download one app called 'HelloGold'!

What's HelloGold?

Invest from as Low as RM1 only?

HelloGold provides an app-based platform that allows customers to buy, store, and sell physical investment-grade gold. The physical gold is safely vaulted and can be delivered to the customer directly.

Since its launch in April 2017, the app has been trusted by more than 16,000 customers in Malaysia and has won the IRBA’s Most Innovative Product award and winner of Malaysia's first FinTech Award (in the category of Prominent in Wealth, Asset & Investment Management of the year) in 2018. Also, HelloGold is 
the world’s first Shariah-compliant gold savings platform. Wow!

Why Putting HelloGold in Your Pocket ???

What are the Fees involved?

  • Registration Fee : NO
  • Add Cash Processing Fee :
    • RM1.20 if you add cash through online banking, or
    • RM0.00 if you add cash through Boost e-wallet.
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee: NO
  • Administrative Fee: 2% annually
  • Gold Redemption Fee: The fees for redemption varies based on the weight of gold you redeem and includes administration, shipping, and insurance services.
  • Weekend Buy and Sell Prices :
    • Buy – 2% higher than on weekdays
    • Sell – 2% lower than on weekdays

Tips: Use Boost e-wallet (click here) to add cash into your HelloGold account (no processing fee) and buy gold during weekdays.

Good News !!!

Image result for hellogold

You can now register for a HelloGold account and key in Promo CodeYEOH2CZ7 " to get RM5 rebate when you purchase a minimum of RM50 worth of gold in one single transaction.

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