22 February 2019

Why use Touch'nGo eWallet (not the physical card) ???

Instead of holding the normal Touch'nGo (TNG) card we're using currently, we can opt for the mobile version of it via a new app called Touch'nGo eWallet. However, at this current juncture, you CANNOT reload your TNG card with the app. Don't be angry first. Let's give them sometime to sort things out.

Anyway, you can view your TNG card balance and last 5 transactions real-time via the eWallet app. That's pretty good though!

Abit of Background of TNG Digital

The e-wallet license holding company was TNG Digital Sdn Bhd (TNG Digital) and it is the joint venture entity where TNG is participating as a majority shareholder and Alipay is participating as a minority shareholder. (Bloomberg source) Meanwhile, TNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of CIMB Group.

What can do with TNG eWallet ?

The Touch 'n Go eWallet offers many attractive features that make your life more convenient.
  • Transfer money to other Touch 'n Go eWallet users
  • Reload your mobile prepaid
  • Pay for your utilities and postpaid bills
  • Purchase movie and flight tickets
  • QR code payment at participating Touch 'n Go eWallet merchants
  • Dynamic QR code payment at participating Touch 'n Go eWallet merchants
  • To pay tolls via RFID feature and TNG Card feature (more about this in our next post)

How Do I Register as a TNG eWallet user?

It's easy, just follow these steps: 
  1. Download Touch 'n Go eWallet now (click here to get the promotional code and download)
  2. Register by keying in your phone number.
  3. Request for One Time Password (OTP) to validate your phone number.
  4. Set up your 6-Digit PIN and Security Question.
  5. Fill up your personal information.
  6. You're all set! Reload and pay with your Touch 'n Go eWallet.

What? Only RM200 limit per account?

Actually, you can choose to UPGRADE your eWallet size to RM5,000 by doing some verification as shown below. It's easy and only takes around 2 days to complete the verification process.

Source: Touch'nGo

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  1. This payment method offers a bigger payment coverage as compared to the traditional payment methods, such as credit cards. With high ownership of the bank cards, most

    consumers opt to pay via direct carrier billing owing to its ease and security. In fact, Apple Pay, via its ‘limitless’ transactions even caused an increase in average mobile transaction total in the later half of the year The reason is that the number of people tend to feel secure with the usage of their phones to make point-of-sale transactions.
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  2. The e wallet is very convenience to help me pay bills, and currently i am using boost app and i really like it, because there are a lot of cashback benefit

  3. I can also use the Boost app to pay when I go shopping or dining, because it is more convenient and secure. It also provides some cashback after I pay!

    1. Better than banking ewallet because their app is more stable, frequent update for security. 👍

  4. I stil use Boost app because its way more convenient nowadays as i can get cashback from anything even food to paying bills. I also tried tng too before but the services is not that good.


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