26 February 2019

How to get 20% Toll Rebates via Touch'nGo e-wallet PayDirect/RFID ?

After knowing the benefits of TNG eWallet and most importantly clearing the doubt/confusion between physical TNG card and TNG eWallet from our previous article (click here to read), it's time to move on to more details on the most important function of TNG eWallet called PayDirect.

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What is so Good about PayDirect ???

PayDirect is a brand new feature that allows you to pay toll fares directly from your eWallet at these participating highways. TNG is rushing to bring you more highways enabled PayDirect in no time.

For sure, more highways will come on board very soon. Anyway, you may start experiencing the PayDirect feature at the following highways for the time being:

How to add TNG card and starts using PayDirect?
Ready to add your Touch n’ Go card details to experience the seamless convenience of PayDirect and enjoy your toll rebates?

Just follow below steps to get it done, and learn how PayDirect actually works.

Not Enough?

Want More Rebates?

Please refer to below...

Earn up to 50 x Toll Rebates !!!

Want to earn more chances to enjoy your 20% toll rebates? Every friend who signs up for Touch n’ Go eWallet using a personalised referral code will earn you 5 toll trips – you can accumulate up to 50 trips !!!

Meaning you can just refer 10 friends to sign up TNG e-wallet with your code and enjoy the maximum toll rebates. (click here to download...)

* Please take note that for users who redeem their complimentary Reload PIN are NOT entitled for the initial toll rebates. However, he/she still can enjoy toll rebates via this Referral Programme.

What if my e-wallet insufficient funds when passing the toll gate?
It will deduct from the balance of your Touch'nGo card which you're using.

Is this applicable for SmartTag user as well?
YES. Because SmartTag basically also using a TNG card attached.

How many TNG cards can I add into my e-wallet?
Total 3 cards is allowed and you can remove whichever card anytime in the future.

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