14 February 2019

[Latest] How Was Malaysia Doing in 4Q 2018 ???

Today, yes during Valentine's Day, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) released its 4Q 2018 report to the general public. Fortunately, the result is above forecasts with the economy expanded at 4.7% in the fourth quarter of 2018 (Q4 2018), after two consecutive quarters of moderation earlier.

Read the Key Highlights here:

  • Higher economic growth of 4.7%, higher than consensus forecasts of 4.5%
  • Continued expansion across most sectors, with the exception of commodity-related sectors
  • Services and manufacturing sectors remained the key drivers of growth
  • Malaysia's macroeconomic fundamentals continue to remain strong despite domestic and external headwinds.

For 2018, the value of the gross domestic product (GDP) recorded RM1.23 trillion at constant prices and RM1.43 trillion at current prices.

  • Headline inflation declined in the fourth quarter of 2018 as transport inflation turned negative reflecting the fixed domestic RON95 petrol and diesel prices
  • The combined outcome of the changes in consumption tax policy continued to exert an overall downward impact to headline inflation

  • Malaysia’s external debt stood lower at RM924.9 billion, or 64.7% of GDP as at end December 2018 (end-September 2018: RM933.3 billion or 65.3% of GDP).
  • The country’s external debt remains manageable, given its currency and maturity profiles, and the presence of large external assets.
  • Close to one-third of external debt is denominated in ringgit (31.1%; end-September: 31.3%)

How about this year 2019?
According to BNM, the Malaysian economy is likely to remain on a steady 
growth path given below factors:

  • Global growth reverting to the long-term trajectory
  • Resilience of private consumption and continuation of civil engineering projects
  • Recovery from supply side shocks
  • Commencement of new production facilities (RAPID, E&E, retail outlet expansion)
  • Materialisation of approved manufacturing investment
Source: Bank Negara Malaysia

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