07 December 2018

A New Way of Transferring Money via DuitNow !!!

Remember this date, 8 December 2018, it will mark another milestone in the financial industry in Malaysia with the launching of DuitNow money transfer service. The new service was introduced to eliminate the below conversations between all banking users:

"Please give me your bank account details..."
"What's your bank account number again?"
"Which bank is your account? I forgot..."

Now, you don't have to ask your friends their lengthy bank account number anymore. With DuitNow, you can send money instantly on a 24/7 basis to mobile numbers, NRIC numbers or business registration numbers.

Send and receive funds instantly anytime, anywhere.

Instantly?Yes, because the name was 'Do-it-Now' actually.

How can I receive money using DuitNow?

You must first register for DuitNow by linking one of the following IDs with your bank account or e-money (e-wallet) account at participating banks and payment providers:

  1. Your Mobile number
  2. Your NRIC number
  3. Your Passport number
  4. Business registration number (only SSM-registered businesses)

Once you have registered, payers can direct payments to you using the registered ID
(DuitNow ID).

Do I need to register with DuitNow?
Registration is not required to send money via DuitNow. However, in order to receive money via DuitNow, a one-time registration is needed to link your ID with your bank account or e-money account (e-wallet).

Important Question: Do I have to Pay for the service?

  • No, it is absolutely FREE for consumers to send and receive money up to RM5,000.
  • For transaction above RM5,000, a 50 sen fee may be applicable. However, some banks are waiving this fee.
  • For businesses, please check with your bank for transaction fee information.

What's the Transaction Limit?

  • Consumers may transfer up to RM 50,000 per transaction at banks.
  • Businesses may transfer up to RM 10,000,000 per transaction at banks.
  • The limit may vary depending on your bank's channels.
  • But, e-Money (e-wallet) payment providers will definitely have lower limits.

For more information, please visit https://www.duitnow.my/
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