06 December 2018

Salary Deduction Schedule for PTPTN Loan Repayment effective 2019

Under the new mechanism which was announced in Budget 2019, all PTPTN loan borrowers have to abide by the repayment of their student loan via salary deduction starting Jan 2019.

Today, PTPTN chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan disclose the details via media briefing on this new mechanism called "Scheduled Salary Deductions" or "Potongan Gaji Berjadual" (PGB) in Malay.

So, how many percent % would it be from your salary ???

How about first-class honors graduates?

On another initiative, graduates with first-class honors in 2019 would be exempted from repaying their PTPTN loans if they fulfill ALL the following conditions;
  1. They are full-time bachelor’s degree students;
  2. They graduate with first-class honors; and
  3. They complete their studies on time and are categorized as a member of a B40 or M40 family when they complete their studies.

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