12 November 2010

Why you should DUMP YTL-e, and, BUY YTL-Power now?

After successfully riding on the mini Bull market of KLCI, YTL-e is the star performer of YTL group of companies. From around RM0.80, charging upwards to RM1.70 now, YTL-e was the Top Gainer of October. However, Finance Malaysia (FM) is wondering what the reason was behind.

  • First, people are crazy of YTL-e because of its impending WiMax broadband services to be rolling out this coming 18th November
  • And, the above is the only reason. Nothing else.
Why should you DUMP YTL-e now?

  • The business of WiMax 4G is under YTL Communications, which is a wholly own subsidiary of YTL Power.
  • Meaning, the success of the project would benefit YTL Power, not YTL-e.

    Why should you BUY YTL-Power now?

    • As mentioned, YTL Power is the ultimate owner of the WiMax broadband business.
    • Management of YTL hints that their service would be the most competitive and attractive in Malaysia.
    • YTL Power pays very good dividends annually.
    • YTL Power is a laggard among blue-chip counters.
    Then, what was there for YTL-e?

    The WiMax license is awarded to YTL-e. Therefore, YTL Power will pay license fees to YTL-e annually, and that's it.

    Why the service called YES?
    Is it meaning YTL-E Solution (Y.E.S)?

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