28 November 2010

QSR shares is "flying", because KFC is "frying"?

Yet, another lesson could be learned in Bursa Malaysia last week. In the midst of series of corporate activities happening, how could you left out QSR Brands Bhd and its jewel KFC Holdings (M) Bhd (QSR holds 50.6% of KFCH)?

Below is the important date and announcements made:-
19th Nov : QSR received a take-over proposal, but in preliminary stage (closing at RM5.76)
20th Nov : Halim Saad was said proposed to take-over QSR at RM5.60 per share only
21th Nov : QSR shares dive 6.4% to RM5.39
25th Nov : US private equity fund Carlyle Group make an RM6.20 offer for QSR shares

For me, there are some very strange things happening, especially on the timing of announcements.
  1. Halim's real announcement was made on Saturday (20th Nov) on Bursa Malaysia website. Saturday?
  2. Halim's offer price is lower than the previous closing price.
  3. Another offer came few days later, which commands a much higher premium.
QSR's recent share price movements
What does this reflect?
Would someone trying to "goreng" the shares of QSR and KFC?

If I know about the Carlyle's offer one week before, I would try to bought QSR shares. However, the shares is too high already. How?

I would try to "cause" the share price come down, so that, I could accumulate the shares at a cheaper price. Lastly, just wait until Carlyle's good news. By then, I would have making a 15% profits on my investment in  merely 5 days.

The question is: "Did Halim know about the soon to be announced Carlyle's offer?"

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