10 November 2010

Migration of Immigration Department…

Recently, I went to Immigration Department pertaining my passport. Thinking that I am very smart, I did the following before heading there:-
  • Log in to www.imi.gov.my
  • Pay attention to latest announcement (1 Jam 1 Passport !!!)
  • Pay attention to the operating hours
  • Locate the destinations with maps also

Without any doubt, I started my Passport journey hoping to get my things done smoothly. First, I reached to Wangsa Maju branch on 7.40am. To my surprise, the security guard told me that the system was down for the whole-day. Yes, early morning they already know it was down whole-day!!!

Without arguing, I head to Putrajaya – headquarter of Immigration Department of Malaysia. According to the map provided on its website, I reached there. While on my way to get my queuing number, there was no "passport" button for me to press, the official there told me to go to another place. Reason being the passport operation was moved to Precint 15.

  • Only Passport service moved there?
  • Where is Precint 15?
  • How am I going there?

After taking the direction from the helpdesk, I rushed to Precint 15. It took me 15mins to get there (without following the map given). The map was confusing, and luckily I know the main road and where Alamanda was. If not, I would get lost at Putrajaya, all thanks for having the 'lost' map.

Reaching Precint 15…

Finally, I get there, parked my car, and the car-park lift was not functioning. I saw bunch of people, even before I could see the counter. By that time (3.30pm), an unpleasant signboard showing "PERMOHONAN PASSPORT DITUTUP UNTUK HARI INI".

Advices to Immigration Department:
  1. Please beef up your system. I know this is not the first time.
  2. Please update latest announcements as soon as possible.
  3. Please update the website accordingly.

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