28 November 2010

UnEthical "Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken Rice" Restaurant... Beware!!!

Beware, especially KL people. There is a famous "Ipoh bean sprout chicken rice" which do business in its own way - unethical. And, for your information, this restaurant have many outlets in KL. I am wondering how it can expand so rapid with the experience of mine as below:-

The story...

Last night, I went for dinner at this outlet in Puchong. Here is my order:
  • One white chicken rice. And, I stressed that I want the "normal" one.
  • One Ipoh chicken Hor Fun.
However, it turned out as following:
  • One famous "farm chicken" which cost RM1 more.
  • One Ipoh chicken Hor Fun with beef balls (sure more expensive la...).
When I confront with the waitress, who took my order. She said: "Oh... We have changed the menu , and we only have Ipoh chicken Hor Fun with beef-balls or fish-balls. Since we do not have fish balls already, I just give you beef-balls today."

Picture by Rasa Malaysia
After charging the bill, I complain to the manager. Because, this is not the first-time I visit the restaurant, and I know the price and what is available on the menu quiet clearly. And, this is not the first-time I order the "normal" white chicken rice, but they gave me the specially more expensive one.

As expected, the manager said there is normal white chicken rice and pure Ipoh chicken Hor Fun available in the menu. Then, she gave me back RM1 for the extra white chicken rice charged. Since then, they lost a few customers like me.

Back to financial-related angle, does it mean that ethical business would not make money?
After analyzing, I believe the said restaurant teaches their server to do it the "more profitable" way, to add-value, and to squeeze customers. Because, I have been served for 3 times before, and they are acting the same. Why can't we do business in a more ethical way? If the food is in good taste, customers sure will return. If the service is good, customers sure will be loyal. Correct?

Finance Malaysia sure will boycott those unethical business. Don't you?

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