28 August 2013

Work Ethic of 70s, 80s, 90s

Different generations have their own view on working. You like it or not, working is part of our live. No work = No life. However, this equation has since changed to "Working = No life". Do you agree?

Generally, those born in 70s were perceived to be loving their job. They work hard mainly because of 3 meals/day. For them, a secured life means having a stable job with stable income. They believe that with every efforts you put in, that will reward you back later. As such, over time (OT) is nothing for them.

As a responsible 70s, losing their job is a serious matter they tend to avoid. That's why they usually found another job first, before resigning.

How about 80s?
Other than chasing for stable income, those 80s working adults will also look into the job scope, opportunity for promotion, or working environment. They will take initiative to find for better job. Hence, job hopping is very common for them.

Notably, 80s are reluctant to sacrifice their quality of life because of work. So, don't expect them will OT without paying extra.

Free and easy 90s?
Just because almost all of them are graduates, 90s always hoping to find a "reasonably good pay" kind of job. However, employers reluctant think in contrast. This is why many fresh graduates still unemployed, while employers facing difficulties to find suitable candidates.

Other than salary, they also emphasize on working environment and their interest. Otherwise, will they resign? Yes. They don't care and will resign straightaway, maybe, because of their wealthier parents. Why want to force themselves into job? They can become boss and entrepreneur anytime.

What do you think?

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