23 August 2013

Lesser Amount can be Withdrawn for EPF Members Investment Scheme effective January 2014

Are you an EPF member who withdraw money out for investment scheme? Then, this is a very important news to you.

Effective January 2014, the minimum basic savings required in Account 1 was revised upward. This will affect all of YOU who withdrawn certain amount from EPF account 1 for eligible investment purpose. Higher limit means lesser money you can withdraw from EPF in the future.

How much will be increased?
Based on the chart below, the percentage increased can be as high as 64%. Generally, the increasing amount was at least 50% once you're age 27 onward.

How to calculate how much can I withdrawn from EPF account 1?

What's the different or impact?
Depending on your age and how much savings in account 1, the impact varies by members. For better explanation, please see example below:

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  1. It begins...government starting to even further restrict access to OUR money.


    It wouldn't be outrageous to say that they are using it for themselves.

    Govt = crooks?

  2. Beware of unit trust sellers coming and scam u .... they thrive on opportunities like these

  3. Beware of unqualified scam sellers ..they will post on fb that they are making lots of money but in fact not ... otherwise they wont be selling but buying lol

  4. I used to be a Multual Fund Agent, and indeed i see lots of unqualifed agents just trying to make a quick buck. These days if you really want to buy just do it yourselves. Don't trust most agents as they are going for the quick buck. They may act like your best buddies but they are after your hard earned cash. It may seem that the EPF is not your real cash at hand but it's still YOUR money. Don't talk to these so called agents.. do it yourselves. Don't let them make such a big cut just for taking you out for dinner and making you feel like your their long lost buddies... Now they attack FaceBook like what anonymous said.. they will post updates like they are enjoying lives and "helped" many people, in fact they are suffering.. making ends meet!

    1. Agree Lacy,
      some even post in facebook and to prevent people from reading these comments they take screenshots and try to sell their 'services'

      Putting headlines like "FINAL MONTH REMINDER to all Malaysians contributing EPF !!"

      Trying to use fear to make people fall for their trick.

      Beware... Nothing comes easy. If it's so easy everyone will be rich

  5. Lacy, are you an investor?


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