27 August 2013

How Much You Need To Save If You Ever Want To See Your Kids Graduate?

In an age where the common degree has become a pre-requisite and not so much an advantage, ensuring that you have enough to see your children through a reputable university has inadvertently become one of the most important responsibilities you’ll face as a parent.

Unfortunately, knowing how much to save for your kids’ tertiary education is not an easy question to answer.  In fact, it is downright complex in view of the vast differences in costs from degree to degree, university to university, and country to country.  And even for those who do have a number in mind, there is still the question of when you should start saving, using which savings / investment vehicle.

If you have been wondering about your financial capabilities to finance your kids’ tertiary education, or you have been seeking a workable method to save a sizable study fund for your children; allow iMoney to shed some light on this matter with their latest infographic:

Courtesy of iMoney.my

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  1. It is always worth saving so you have it in cases on emergency.In terms of a substantial amount of money, seeing a fee only financial planner might be a good option as well, as they will have loads of non-biased advice.Cheers


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