02 August 2013

Interviewing 非常好歌 Superstar - Quek Shio Yee

Learned piano and violin since young, started writing songs when in high school. This is the background of new born superstar - Quek Shio Yee. After wining the BEST SONG with Lexi Chan, Finance Malaysia blog managed to grab the opportunity to know her better.

When asked about her future direction, the UCSI undergraduate yet to plan for it. Hmmm... I guess her fans out there for sure would loved to see her on stage again. Right?

Full Interview here:
  1. When did you realized that you're in love --- with music? How did it started?
    I started my music lessons since I was 4 years old. Since then I've always been musically active. It has been important to me. My parents led me into the world of music. 

  2. On the BEST SONG you won with Lexi, what goes into your mind when she find you to sing in the first place?
    I was introduced to the program by my friend and auditioned. The producer gave me a few demo songs to try, and I was chosen to sing Lexi’s Mission Incomplete. I was happy to sing it because of its sad and powerful meaning. I’m very thankful for the opportunity.

  3. Since then, do you feel that you're a superstar now? Any changes/funny things happen in your life?
    I don't feel like a superstar at all. I'm not worthy of that title, and I have a lot more to learn and improve on at the same time. Sometimes I feel self-conscious and anxious in public, especially when someone recognizes me. I am still not used to it yet, but I'm always excited when people just come and say hi and tell me they like the song, I’m sure Lexi would be very happy to hear it too. 

  4. Will you venturing into music industry after graduates?
    I haven't made a final decision yet, but I'll most probably take up a career that involves music. I compose music too, so I will also be taking that into consideration.

  5. Between Passion and Money, which one you prefer in future?
    Passion is more important to me, it is what I need to pursue what I love and to maintain my determination. Money is something that I need to get by with, in life, and it is a necessity after all.

    With this, Finance Malaysia would like to thanks Shio Yee once again for the interview. We are confident that she will do well in the future, judging by her excellent voice and talents. All the best!


  1. Great interview there! Anyhow, all the best to Quek Shio Yee in her future career!


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