07 September 2019

[TNG eWallet] Good News! Unlimited Toll Rebates and FREE PA Coverage! (Sept 2019)

The awesome toll rebate is back! This time it is even better.

For every friend that signs up with Referral Code: esj2qy, you will get 3x 100% toll rebates. And, you can share it with your friends also to enjoy the same benefit.

So, you can potentially earn UNLIMITED TOLL REBATES !!!

That's not all, you will also enjoy FREE Personal Accident Coverage worth RM10,000 !!! Just continue passing through toll with PayDirect/RFID (click here to read our earlier blog post on PayDirect) to be eligible.

What's the term and conditions?
Any maximum toll rebate capping?
This campaign will last until when?

What is the duration of this campaign?
This campaign begins from 7 September 2019 to 31 October 2019 where you can earn 3 times eligibility for 100% rebate on toll transactions.

How do I enjoy the Toll Rebates in this campaign?
You can enjoy the Toll Rebates in 3 simple steps:
  • Add a TNG card into the TNG eWallet during the campaign period to earn 3 times 100% Toll Rebates.
  • Pay toll using the PayDirect or RFID at participating highways.
  • The Toll Rebate will be credited into your TNG eWallet within the same day of your toll transaction.

What is the maximum Toll Rebate amount can I receive?
The maximum Toll Rebate amount you can receive for each toll transaction is a 100% of the toll fare or RM 2.50, whichever is lower.

My toll fare is RM3.00. How much Toll Rebate will I get?
The maximum toll fare eligible for Toll Rebate is RM2.50 per toll transaction. In your case, you will be getting RM2.50, not RM3.00 (100% Toll Rebate).

I have added my TNG card into my TNG eWallet but I did not earn 3 times 100% Toll Rebates eligibility. What happens?
This could be due to one of the following reasons:
• You have reloaded your Touch‘nGo eWallet with a complimentary TNG Reload Pin; or
• You have added an inactive Touch‘nGo card; or

• You have added the Touch‘nGo card after the Campaign Period.

I have added 2 TNG Cards into my TNG eWallet, will I be eligible for 6 times of the Toll Rebates?
No, the 3 times Toll Rebates eligibility is only applicable for the first TNG card added per individual TNG eWallet account.

I have earned 3 times Toll Rebates eligibility after adding my TNG Card into my TNG eWallet. If I were to remove the TNG Card and add it into my friend’s TNG eWallet, will my friend be eligible for the 3 times Toll Rebate eligibility?
Yes, your friend will get to earn 3 times Toll Rebates eligibility provided the TNG Card is the first TNG Card added into his TNG eWallet. However, you may only use the earned 3 times Toll Rebates after you have added another card into your eWallet and use the added card to pay tolls.

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