18 October 2017

[Exclusive] Interview with EasyParcel

In Malaysia, we have many new start-up companies which are dynamic and vibrant in today's world actually. Hence, we at FinanceMalaysia would like to bring these companies in front to your screen and let our readers know them and be proud of. ☺

To kick-start our very first company in these "FM new tech company" series, we are glad to introducing EasyParcel, the local company in this new-economy type of industry.

Let's explore here...

1) How was EasyParcel being started? What inspires the idea of setting up such company?

EasyParcel is a spin-out from the Exabytes Group, the largest web hosting provider in Malaysia. Since 2011, Exabytes Group started to venture into cloud-based e-commerce, offering EasyStore, an all-in-one platform online stores. However, being an e-commerce seller our selves, we always felt that there is still something missing in the entire e-commerce ecosystem. Heading the direct addressing of this matter that has been bugging the startup – easyParcel in June 2014. Tapping into the large base of our parents' company, either Exabytes Group or EasyStore, it is the first web-based courier delivery platform and e-commerce shipping solution provider in Southeast Asia.

EasyParcel provides web-based courier services that allow users to check for delivery rates and book for delivery services from multiple courier companies in Malaysia. We eliminate the ambiguity in knowing delivery rate from all courier companies and provide easy access to multiple couriers in a single EasyParcel account. We make courier services accessible to all and make it possible for everyone to send parcels from the comfort of their home.

Anyone that needs courier services may book through EasyParcel and we provide free pick up services without needing to have any monthly quantity commitment. E-Commerce sellers may also integrate their shopping carts with us to easily turn all orders into delivery orders. All service provided are fully trackable online.

2) In this new world of technology, what EasyParcel foresee will be going forward, especially in Malaysia?

Courier industry is getting more efficient with the adaptation of technology. Moving forward, e-commerce industry in Malaysia will take up more and more portion from the retail industry. Speed and efficiency will be what people looking for. Soon, delivery within hours/ minutes will be the regular standard for items purchased online.

3) In the near future, would EasyParcel expand to other services or regions? And, can give us some hints?

EasyParcel is currently venturing into the international market starting from the Asia Pacific region, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. And also May of this year, we also launched our new service, Pgeon delivery. Well, Pgeon is an alternative parcel delivery service which enables customers to pick up and drop-off parcel in between alternative addresses such as convenience stores and retail outlets, also known as Pgeon points. In other words, Pgeon is a self-drop-off and pick up service for both senders and receivers and our Pgeon driver will be the one to perform the parcel delivery in between Pgeon points! It's great if you need an alternative post office or mailbox to receive and send your parcels from.

4) What're the challenges being faced by the company which is still relatively new in this new industry? How do you overcome it?

Traditional delivery service process is characterized by a slow and time-consuming process, as the traditional process includes many small, repetitive tasks. These can be anything from queue up for booking, handwriting air waybill, negotiation and comparison of shipping rates for different couriers. Phone calls between a customer and a courier are time wear. As most of the people stick to the traditional subject, it is hard for EasyParcel to step into the field. To educate people about this distinctive online delivery service is really a tough time. It's tempting to throw a customer straight into our service.

In reality, users will value a bit of hand-holding. So we try to make it fun, but take the time to show them the different aspects of our service. What happens when there is no more handwriting consignment note? Why should we book the parcel with EasyParcel?

Although it takes time, just teach them, and they'll get more value from day one. And we have made it with more than 150,000 users today!

5) Any wise words for budding entrepreneurs out there, especially to e-commerce entrepreneurs?

"Set a baseline and go all out to make things happen. We can always go back to work if we failed."

We thank EasyParcel for completing the interview with us and we wish EasyParcel continue to expand their business and make Malaysia proud again !!!

Thank you...

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