14 September 2017

5 Big Questions Pop-Out from the US-Trump trip !!!

It's strange when many of us read the news saying that the recent US trip made by our PM is somewhat 'surprising'! Before the Trump face to face meeting, it was highlighted that we're not going to the US begging for money. Yes, it's true. However, after the meetup, many Malaysians think that we better go US begging for money instead of giving money to the US. Lol... ☺☺☺

A very expensive US trip ???
We're not talking about the airfare, we're talking about the outcome from the trip. Almost RM100billion (equivalent to $25 billion) !!! It's a huge amount considering our economy size compared to the US itself.

#1: Malaysia to help boost the US economy???
Awesome. Most of us can't believe that Malaysia is such a powerful country, which can boost the US economy. Unbelievable. Really. Given our size of the economy, obviously, US should be the bigger brother to look after us. Anyway, it looks like the other round now.

#2: US enemy is our enemy???
Yup. This one we agreed, especially on terrorism. No matter I.S or North Korea or Taliban, we have the same enemy of the US. But, how about the enemy from an economic angle? How about China?

#3: Malaysia Airlines buying 16 Boeing planes???
President Donald Trump touted what he described as a plan by Malaysia Airlines Bhd. to spend between $10 billion and $20 billion on Boeing Co. jets and General Electric Co. engines as he opened a White House meeting with Malaysia’s prime minister.

Yes, it's confirmed now that our national carrier will purchase 8 of the carbon-composite Boeing Dreamliners, and another 8 Boeing 737 Max planes. On top of that, our prime minister said we will buy another 25 more 737 Max in the near future.

Not only that, AirAsia was being mentioned, to buy the engines for its new planes as well. Hmmm. Let's see whether Tony Fernandes will buy into this remark or not.

#4: EPF to increase their US investment???
The deep pocket EPF had once again being put on the table. It was reported that EPF intended to invest an additional US$3bil to US$4bil ((RM12.6bil to RM16.76bil) to support infrastructure redevelopment in the United States.

Infrastructure? Then, why our own East Coast Railway needs funding from China? And, how about the upcoming KL-Singapore HSR project? This infrastructure projects not attractive for EPF to invest into?

#5: Khazanah also follows???

The owner of Malaysia Airlines, nation’s sovereign wealth fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd planned to increase its investment in high-tech firms, in addition to the US$400mil invested so far. How much more? It didn't mention.

Wait... Don't we forget that all GLCs were being told to dispose their foreign assets and bring back the money since last year?

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