25 March 2014

New Fund: CIMB-Principal Global Multi Asset Income Fund

Are you looking for a fund that's truly diversified? Look no further. With this new fund, it offers income from a range of different asset classes comprising of global equities and global fixed income securities.


You will be investing in a fund which is designed to take advantage of yield opportunities in whichever geography or sector they arise. That's why it's truly diversified and you can even ride on the recovery of US and European markets.

How this fund works?
In order to achieve the objective, the fund will invest at least 95% of the money into Schroder International Selection Fund Global Multi-Asset Income (the Target fund).

So, by investing into this fund, investors are expected to:-

  • aims to receive income and potential capital growth over medium-to-long term
  • captures income opportunities from global equities and bonds
  • unconstrained approach with an active asset allocation strategy and flexibility across asset classes
  • Gain from an income seeking risk solution using active risk management with 5%-10% p.a. target volatility


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