04 December 2013

Top 3 Common Investing Mistakes

When coming to investing, do you wonder why retail investors always lose out? What are the common mistakes they made? In this article, Finance Malaysia blog pointed out the top 3 investing mistakes by retail investors.

The 3 common mistakes:
  1. Trying to time the market.
    "Every often, investors thought that they can forecast the short-term direction of share market, or listen to other people (market timers). It's a big mistake. It was like a gamble, guessing the ups and downs. Can you see a gambler become millionaire?"

  2. Being an active trader.
    "Buying blue-chip counters with long-term profits as a goal is the real way of investing. Don't trade actively which can resulting your goal being blurred along the way."

  3. Using those high cost investing tools.
    "Every single penny you saved contributes to the total returns you gained from an investment. Investors should avoid those high charges investing tools to optimise their return. Can you guaranteed the company that charged higher perform better?"
Happy Investing !!!

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