17 November 2013

5 Reasons WHY Employees Left a Company

Understanding your employees thinking nowadays is crucial to retain top talents in your organization. What's the reason behind for them to press the "Resign" button? Detecting it early and replacing it with a "Stay" button before it is too late.

Please be mindful that the generation now is different, their thinking is different, their feeling towards a job is very much different. As such, employers or top management should find out the determining factor of employees going to resign. Let's look at the reasons...

  1. Better prospects
    No doubt, this is the most common reason to leave. We can't prevent someone to leave for good, either because of higher pay or better position offered elsewhere. Correct? True or not, some use this just as an excuse, rather than the reason, to resign. He/She may leave because of other reasons listed below...

  2. Lack of Recognition / Respect from top management
    Sometime recognition or respect from bosses treated as an "parameter" to gauge the value of an employee for an organization. For top performers, other than monetary reward, recognition is also important. Respect come from two ways, not only towards top management. Agreed?

  3. Just can't gel with company's culture
    Everyone's belief and culture may determined his/her length of service. You can't stay in a company which the culture is in contrast with yours. Remember, it's 5 days a week, 9 hours a day job. Example, most of your colleagues joining a direct sales company part-time, but you're not and against it. Can you overcome it?

  4. Unfavorable company forecast
    Normally due to merger and acquisition exercise, employees may feel that it's not in their favor to stay. Maybe he/she will be the one being axed out or VSS later. Then, why don't I leave first before being forced to do so?

  5. Imbalance Work-Life situation
    In the end, working is not everything in life, employees evaluate their lifestyle also especially when he/she gets married and having children(s). Where you work and live is also important. Time spent on traffic jam is stressful and time consuming, which may lead to the exit door.

After knowing all this, employers should be smart enough to examine each and every candidates before hiring them. Questions such as "Where they live?" and "What's their expectation?" must be asked. Happy working.


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