11 December 2013

Bursa Malaysia's eStatement

Today, Bursa Malaysia introduced eStatement services to CDS account holders. It enables CDS account holders to receive statements and notices directly from Bursa Malaysia via email.

What's the benefits?

  1. To receive CDS statements and notices efficiently and on a timely basis with NO extra cost
  2. To receive CDS statements and notices directly to your personal email
  3. Minimize risks of not receiving your CDS statements and notices
  4. Less cumbersome to keep hard-copy statements compared to soft-copy
For many of us, this is definitely an environmental friendly way of communicating. Also, it effectively reduce the cost of doing business for Bursa Malaysia. Once it implemented successfully, the profits of Bursa should be better... Considering to invest in Bursa shares now?

How to register?

  1. From now onward, you CDS statement of account and any notice you receive from Bursa Depository will include your "Unique Password Phrase". (This will ceased once you successfully provide your email address via Bursa Malaysia's website)
  2. Then, log on to Bursa Malaysia's website and select "Request for eStatement"
  3. Follow the steps and fill-in your personal details as required

As simple as that, NO document needed, NO extra cost, NO headache again. However, please be mindful that once you have provided your email address for eStatement, you will not receive any statements or notices via normal post anymore. Once successful register, you will receive an email confirming your email address within 2 business days and thereafter a computer generated confirmation notice will be mailed to your address.

I have already register my email address under eDividend initiative, do I need to register again?
YES, because there are different type of services.

I have more than one CDS account, do I need to register my email address for each of them?
NO, you just need to register one email address ONCE for all your CDS accounts.

For nominee account, how is it?
You will need to contact your nominee (etc banks or stock broking firms).

For more FAQs answer, click here.


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  3. I tried registering for the e-statement but the system kept rejecting the CDS account number which is a 15-digit number.

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