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18 June 2012

What is Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Local Participant?

Recently, Bursa Malaysia launched its Derivatives Local Participants Recruitment Drive to have more derivatives traders, so that a more vibrant and dynamic derivatives market can be seen in Malaysia. Anyway, what is it actually? I guess many of us, either yourself or investors or traders, also doesn't know the exact answer...

Again, it's time for Finance Malaysia to do Bursa Malaysia a favor to educate the public. A Local Participant (Locals) is a professional derivatives trader who trades for his/her own account. In essence, a self-employed trader. With the recent easing of entry requirements, those who aspire to be a Local Participant are not required to pass the licensing examination, show the relevant academic qualification and industry experience.

What is the benefits of being a Locals?
Locals have grown alongside the Exchange over the years, both in terms of numbers and trading participation in derivatives products. As a proprietary trader, they have unlimited trading potential. They trade as a business and have the option of working flexi-hours from anywhere. Locals also enjoy exchange fee rebates and tax abatement on their income such as below:

  • A Local Participant will enjoy exchange fee and clearing fee incentives if he trades 1,000 contracts per month or more. 
  • A Local Participant will receive a 50% tax abatement on income derived from derivatives trading.

What are the differences between the current and previous admission requirements of a Local Participant?

Effective 3 January 2012, the following  admission requirements of a Local Participants have been removed :- 

  1. Have passed an examination approved  by BMDB or have  been granted an  exemption in respect thereof; 
  2. Possess such qualification as approved by BMDB; and 
  3. Possess sufficient and relevant trading experience.

In substitution of the above admission requirements, an applicant needs to attend a two-day familiarization programme conducted by BMDB.   

What are the products offered by BMDB for Local Participants?

BMDB offers a range of derivatives products for Local Participants, which include the two (2) key products, namely, Crude Palm Oil Futures ("FCPO") and FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Futures ("FKLI").


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