15 June 2012

New Fund: AmConsumer Select - Capital Protected

AmInvestment Bank is launching a new capital-protected fund and it is optimistic of a good take-up rate for this RM100mil new fund. According to its CEO, the launch of the fund is timely in view of the current macroeconomic uncertainties. Since it is capital protected, the fund offers a safe haven for risk-averse investors looking to hedge against the uncertainty in the global market, she adds.

The Fund is a close-ended fund which aims to provide regular income with an investment horizon of 2.5 years (30 months) whilst providing capital protection on Maturity Date. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing in ZNIDs and/or MGS and an over-the-counter option linked to the price movement of a basket of five (5) consumer related stocks.

For the purpose of the Fund, consumer related stocks refer to stocks of companies that produce products/services that are consumed by individuals. Selection of consumer related stocks is based on fundamental strength of the companies through internal research and brands that the Manager considers to be widely known among investors.

The Strategy...

Generally, the Fund will adopt a two-fold strategy to achieve its objective, i.e.

  1. Capital protection* from fixed income portion
    At the Fund’s commencement, a minimum of 85% of the Fund’s NAV will be invested in 2.5-year ZNIDs and/or MGS with shorter or similar maturity tenure to the Fund’s maturity, which upon maturity of the Fund will achieve an amount equivalent to 100% of investor’s initial capital (which includes entry charge payable by investors). A maximum of 5% of the Fund’s NAV will be maintained in cash and/or money market instruments for liquidity purposes.

  2. Fund’s return from option portion
    At the Fund’s commencement, up to 10% of the Fund’s NAV will be used to purchase a 2.5-year USD denominated option with an option counter-party, which is a financial institution carrying a minimum long-term rating of “A” by S&P or the equivalent rating by any other global rating agency. The option provides exposure which is linked to the price movement of a basket of five (5) consumer related stocks.

At the end of each quarter, if the closing price of each of the stock is at or above its respective initial level on any day within the quarter, the option counter-party pays a conditional coupon. The income distribution (if any) will however be paid half yearly to investors.

The basket of five (5) consumer related stocks (indicative selection only) currently identified as

If the Coupon Payout Condition is met at any quarter, the coupon payout from the option
counterparty is calculated as follows:
Coupon (RM) = (Notional Amount / USD/RMInitial) x coupon rate (settled in USD) x

  • “USD/RMInitial” refers to the USD/RM exchange rate for the determination of the Notional Amount in USD as at Commencement Date.
  • “USD/RMEnd” refers to the actual USD/RM exchange rate for conversion of the coupon (received by the Fund) from USD to RM.

* Investors are advised that the Fund is not a guaranteed fund. Capital protection is provided through investments in ZNIDs and/or MGS and not by a guarantee. Consequently, the return of capital is SUBJECT TO the credit/default risk of the issuers of the ZNIDs and/or MGS and may result in losses.

Source: AmMutual

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