21 June 2012

New Fund: PB Dynamic Allocation Fund

Another new fund for the month of June, Public Mutual launched PB Dynamic Allocation Fund which allows the investor the opportunity to participate in tactical asset allocation strategy where instruments are allocated between the difference asset classes of equities, fixed income securities and money market instruments based on a flexible investment mandate. The fund may capitalize on potential investment opportunities if the market outlook is positive while reducing its equity exposure when weakness in the equity markets is expected.

As such, its equity content may range between 30% to 98% of the NAV of the fund. The balance of the fund's NAV may be invested in fixed income securities and liquid assets which include money market instruments and deposits.

Investment Strategy
Although the fund is actively managed, the frequency of its trading strategy will very much depend on market opportunities. The fund employs both the top-down and bottom-up approach to evaluate its investments. For its equity investments, the fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of blue chip stocks, index stocks and growth stocks listed in domestic and selected foreign stock markets. In identifying such companies, the fund adopts the bottom-up approach which relies on fundamental research.

The fund's investment may include listed warrants and options to enhance its returns. Also, it may consider investments in unlisted equities, particularly in companies that are expected to seek listing on the Bursa Securities or selected foreign markets within a time frame of 2 years.

Equity Linked Participation Notes?
More detail on equities, the fund may invest in equity linked participation notes for selected foreign stocks listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Equity linked participation notes are instruments designed to track designated securities. The movement of these notes are similar to the underlying shares listed in their respective markets.

Source: Public Mutual

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