12 September 2011

Why and Why Not Telco pass through the 6% service tax?

Since the very first second the announcement was made, every quarters are fuming on the extra burden they should bare if it goes through. Here, it involves everyone in Malaysia, even foreign workers who are mostly prepaid subscribers. On this topic, Finance Malaysia has some words to say.

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In this modern world, mobile phones has become a necessity to us. Some may say: "I can sleep without pillow, or lost my wallet, but I cannot separate from my mobile phone". As such, does it mean that telcos can held you "ransom" on using their services? Since this is called "service tax", did telcos do their part in providing the good services (if not the best)?

3 Reasons why Telcos should not pass through the 6% service tax?

  1. Coverage is suck in certain areas, still. There are rounds of complaints on line-dropping issues. Yup. They fixed it after that. But, the same old problems come back to haunt consumers after awhile.
  2. Customer service is suck. At least, I am using the largest telco's service in Malaysia. But, I did not proud to say that either. Because, the respond to solve my issue is suck.
  3. Crazily high charges. Comparing with neighbor countries, you will found out why Malaysian are labeled as "rich". Even with the "Value Plans" offered, consumers here are still paying high charges, whereby the really rich telcos boost their profit margin by squeezing consumers.

Does telcos need to get the approval from MCMC first? No.
Does telcos obliged to absorb the 6% service tax at the first place? No.
Then, why not telcos pass the extra burden to end users like us? Emm...

Service tax is imposed by government on all services being offered in Malaysia. No sector constrain. No industry constrain. If we're paying 6% service tax on food outlets or shopping malls, why not prepaid or post-paid mobile services? Who is the main beneficiaries from the 6% service tax? Government or Telcos?

Hey Malaysians, YOU got the answer?

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