14 September 2011

New Fund: PB Asia Emerging Growth Fund

Ignoring the volatile and not-so-positive market currently, Public Mutual Bhd launched 3 funds in a row on 6th Sept 2011 to fill investors appetite. They were PB Asia Emerging Growth Fund, PB Bond Fund, and PB Sukuk Fund. Here, we will be only highlighting the equity fund.

PB Asia Emerging Growth Fund seeks to achieve capital growth over the medium to long-term period by primarily investing in the securities of emerging small to medium-sized companies in domestic and regional markets. The fund generally maintains equity exposures within a range of 70% to 98% against its NAV. The balance of the fund's NAV may be invested in domestic and foreign fixed income securities and money market instruments.

Investment Strategy
Generally, companies with reasonable earnings growth prospect are selected. In identifying such companies, the fund relies on fundamental research where financial health, industry prospects, management quality and past track record of the companies are considered. Although the fund is actively managed, the frequency of its trading strategy will very much depend on market opportunities.

What else can the fund invest into?

  • Equity linked Participation Notes (instruments designed to track designated securities)
  • Listed warrants and options to enhance its returns
  • Unlisted equities with attractive potential returns (which are expected to seek listing within 2 years)
  • Futures contracts to hedge against market volatility

Source: Public Mutual website

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