23 September 2011

Western Debt Crisis: Bursting of Volcano? (Sept 2011)

We cannot deny that we are in for another round of hard times since 2008 global financial crisis. Some experts are saying that we are facing the Great Depression wave coming in the next few months, if no concrete efforts put in by global leaders. Meanwhile, some experts think that opportunities arises again and put off the double-dip recession speculation.

The downgrading of US's AAA rating re-ignite the fears over the sustainability of its sovereign debt. However, please be mindful that US rating remains extremely sound and reflecting a very low risk of default in the long term, still. USD remain the preferred and most widely traded currency in the foreseeable future, and there is no reason to worry about.

Sovereign Risk scaring investors away?
Meanwhile, in Eurozone, the situation remains very complex and greater political will is needed to maintain Euro as regional currency. Between Eurozone breaking up and resolving the situation, which one is easier? Of course, the economic and financial cost of the Eurozone breaking up seems far higher.

Undoubtedly, the "Volcano" is active again now and may burst anytime from now. Unless, we poured ice on it to prevent the crisis. Sorry, we needs ICE-BERG (great efforts) to get through it. Otherwise, we may just let it burst, and start all over again. Not a bad idea though, right?

I can say it that way because I am living in Asia right now. Luckily, Asia is much more resilient comparing to its western friends, partly due to the 1997 Asia financial crisis which make our banking system strong and pro-active now. Our lessons were being taught to western countries this round. Hopefully, they know the root of the problem and tackles it painfully.

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