02 March 2011

OSK Stock Picks for March 2011

By OSK Research,
Despite relatively strong results from a number of Blue Chips in February, the market still retreated and ended up in the red so far in 2011. Selling was largely attributed to concerns arising from political unrest in the Middle East although we continue to see limited risk if this does not spread to Saudi Arabia.

Go out and BUY?
Trading Strategy - Buy on Weakness
OSK continue to advise investors to Buy on Weakness in the current volatile market with focus on Banks, especially those that have been sold down recently as we still see robust loans growth of 8.5%. OSK also advise trading in Oil & Gas, Construction and Property counters as the news flow should remain good although they caution that profits will likely to kick in only in 2H of 2011.

March 2011 Top Buys
OSK's top buys did poorly for February, with only 2 stocks matching or exceeding the KLCI namely KPJ and Kencana. For March, as we remain hopeful of a market rebound, we are keeping CIMB, Kencana and SP Setia as our top buys. At the same time, we have added in defensive plays such as Petronas Gas and also retain KPJ.

Source: OSK Research
By Finance Malaysia,
While we are hopeful that the unrest in Middle East will eased soon, without spreading to Saudi Arabia, I think investor should trades cautiously as long as KLCI did not break free from the 1,500 psychological level. In terms of sector, I prefer Oil & Gas and Construction sector mainly because of Malaysia government's "preferred play". I view these sector as more defensive to global uncertainties, as Petronas and government is the main projects sources for O&G and construction sector respectively.

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