28 March 2011

New Fund: HwangDBS Select Dividend Fund

To further leveraging on the signature "Select" series of HwangDBS funds, HwangDBS Investment Management Berhad today added in HwangDBS Select Dividend Fund. Over the years, the Select series of funds have demonstrated strong performance, stability and consistency in meeting their objectives. Through this new fund, investors can access a diversified, yet focused portfolio of quality dividend yielding stocks in Malaysia and Asia-Pacific region.

The fund endeavors to provide a combination of regular income and capital growth over the medium to long term period. To achieve the primary objective of providing regular income, the fund intends to invest in high dividend yielding equities and equities that could potentially experience high dividend pay out growth. The fund's investments will be primarily focused in Malaysian equities with a minimum investment of 70% of the fund's NAV. The fund may also invest up to 30% of its NAV in Asia-Pacific region.

Two-part Approach?
  1. Stable and High Dividend Yielding Equities
    • Invest in already well recognized, stable and high dividend yielding equities
    • Regular income
    • Stability
  2. The "next dividend leaders"?
    • Identify and invest in equities which have the potential to become strong, quality dividend paying equities in the future
    • Those that potentially to start a dividend payout policy
    • Those that potentially increasing current dividends payout levels
    • Dividend plus Capital appreciation
Income Distribution: Semi-Annually?
  • Targeting 8% to 10% returns per annum with moderate levels of risks
  • Semi-annual income distributions which give investors flexibility for cash flow needs plus potentially higher returns than Fixed Deposits or local Bonds

Source: HwangDBS Investment Management website

Click here to read the prospectus

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